Photo of an artichoke head and a cultivated field of artichokes.Adapted from "Wikimedia," b y Author China Crisis ,2013, Retrieved 27 September, 2014, from
Photo of an artichoke head and a cultivated field of artichokes.Adapted from "Wikimedia," by Author China Crisis ,2013, Retrieved 27 September, 2014, from
Adapted from "Wikimedia," by Author ,2005, Retrieved 27 September, 2014, from
Awesome Artichokes.Adapted from "Cucina Fresca," by Author Gwen Uhlig,2009,Retrieved 27 September, 2014, from

I saw this food several times in supermarket, but I never buy it and I thought it maybe is kind of  fruit. Until few weeks ago I looked up a new word from class manual, then I found out this food is called Artichoke which is a plant, we eat the part is buds. It originals from Mediterranean Sea area, no wonder I never saw artichoke in Asian. Artichoke is a very popular food in Europe, its cooking way only can by hand, besides, a mature artichoke weight 600 g and the part we can eat only weight 60 g, so European call artichoke king of vegetables, before it only belong noble's food. 

I searched couple of blogs about how to cook artichoke, it's very simple just boil it. After few days I got an assignment about try a "new" food, artichoke become my first choice. That day I went to supermarket, it's on sale two for $1.99, it's a good deal.

I referenced this blog's recipe How to cook and eat an artichokeSorry again it's a Chinese website, but I found a video from Youtube, it introduced very clearly.

This recipe you only need a chef knife and kitchen scissors.

First, use knife cut it until see the choke and use scissors remove spikes from outer leaves.

Use boiling water add 2 tsp salt cook about 30-45 mins ( depends on artichoke size)

The artichoke is ready when you can easily pull off  the leaves.

When it cool, remove all of leaves.

The part we only can eat only the white part, use tooth scrape the fleshly part into mouth.
Although recipe and video said can dip some sauce, but I prefer the original.

Remove all of leaves, you will see the choke.

Below the choke is heart which is the only part you can eat

Whole artichoke weight about 600 g, but the part you can eat only weight 60 g . 

This is a very special food experience.

1.How does this appeal to The five basic tastes - salty, sweet, sour, bitter and umame?
Sweet, Artichoke feel mellow after taste.
2.Use your sense of Taste, Smell, Sight, Hearing and Touch; what do you observe with each?
Before it cook, it's very hard just like a stone, but after cooked surface became softer, besides, it oxidizes easily, the color was emerald but after cook became dark green. When I boiling it smell very weird, it's hard to describe, but when it's done smell like corn.

3.Are there relatable or similar flavours that you detect? "Tastes like....."
Its texture like water caltrop and bamboo shoot.

4.How is this food unique?
Although I read the recipe, but I can't believe the part we can eat just a little, no wonder it's called nobles' food.

5.What did you learn about your palate?
Despite it's a brand new food to me, but when I eating my brain started to search the similar food as artichoke. However they taste not all the some, but the memories of my taste buds told me artichoke taste like water caltrop and bamboo shoot.

6.Did you enjoy this food?
Yes, I enjoyed. But I have a suggestion before eat the heart part clearly remove the choke, or your throat will feel uncomfortable.

7.Would you eat it again? Why or why not?
Yes, I will try it again. For Asian it's a very special food, so I want to share it with my family and friends, besides, artichoke is very healthy. It contains rich vitamins and very good for liver.

8.Are there certain flavours you find more or less appealing?
I really love the sweet of artichoke. It tastes sweet but after a while the sweet still stay in your throat, just like dink a good tea you will feel mellow after taste.

9.How has this experience changed the way in which you will taste, analyse and use foods in your cooking?
Cooked artichoke becomes soft so the best way to eat is with salad, besides, artichoke doesn't have strong taste, so it easily match with other food. I have a ideal salad with kale, boil kale and add some lemon juice, walnut, almond, Japanese soy sauce and mix artichoke together. 

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